Viuda Y Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso early 40’s (classical)

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The Spanish luthier Domingo Esteso Lopez was one of the great guitar-makers of the early part of the 20th century that apprenticed with Manuel Ramirez. After Manuel Ramirez died, he opened his own shop on the calle Gravina, where he was joined by his 13 year old nephew Faustino Conde in 1926, as did Mariano Conde in 1929. After his death in the end of 1937, Faustino and his two brothers, Mariano and Julio Conde continued working under the label Vda y Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso. Domingo Esteso guitars are considered monumental and historical, some of them are shown in the great Museums around the world telling the most important part of the history of the spanish guitar.
This is a Viuda y Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso classical guitar. It was built in the style of an Esteso guitar short after the death of Domingo Esteso in the early 40’s
Julio Conde once reported, that in the first two years after the death of Esteso and due to the wartime, they primarily finished the Esteso guitars. The shop continued then in 1940 under the label “Viuda y Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso” – the three Conde brothers continued the building tradition of Esteso.
This guitar is one of the rare rosewood models. In this time moste of the guitars were still built with cypress back and sides. It has a beautiful spruce top.
The guitar has been restored wonderfully and true to the original. It is now in an excellent condition. The neck is straight. The guitar has a great action and plays very well. Scale 660 mm and nut width 52 mm.
The sound is gigantic and indescribably beautiful. It is a matured wonderfully sounding guitar. The tone is very dynamic and assertive. The guitar has its own character and is truely alive. It is a lot of fun to playing this guitar and I am convinced that it will absolutely inspire the new owner.
It comes in a fitting hard shell case!

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