We sell a beautiful guitar, which was built by the guitar master builder Telesforo Julve.
Telesforo Julve is a very important person among the guitar makers of Spain. He is the nephew of Andres Marin and many famous masters worked in his workshop. Among them are Ricardo Sanchis Nacher and Vicente Tatay.
In 1931 he took over the workshop of Salvador Ibanez e Hijos, from which also some of the best Luthiers have emerged.
Telesforo Julve’s guitar are famous among collectors nowadays.
But this one is not only interesting for collectors. It has an outstanding tone. The sound has a great vintage character with a very long sustain. The basses are very distinctive, but nevertheless the guitar is balanced on all levels.
The condition is good – it has been restored and the french polish has been refreshed.
For the top beautiful spruce wood has been used. Back and sides are made of rosewood. The scale length is 653 mm and the nut width 52 mm.
The neck is straight, the frets are new and at the 12th fret it has a pleasantly low action of 3.6 mm E6 and 3.1 mm E1.
It comes in a suitable guitar case.