Taylor 555 12-string 1997


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We offer you a wonderful Taylor 555 12-string from 1997.
You probably don’t need to say much about Taylor. This company has been convincing for years with outstanding guitars and therefore countless famous musicians play Taylor guitars.
Taylor guitars impress above all by their incredibly good playability and the unique Taylor sound.
This is also the case with this beautiful 12-string Taylor 555. It has a beautiful and mature tone, also due to its age. It is full, assertive and yet mild and wonderfully balanced in sound – simply a well-rehearsed guitar.
A pickup was built into the guitar. It also works well. Unfortunately I can’t recognize the brand.
The condition is very good. Few traces of use. Years ago there was a small crack at the neck. This was repaired so well that it is practically invisible today.
Unfortunately the label was removed from the neck block to install the 9-volt battery of the pickup. The Taylor serial number stamped underneath is visible.
We wrote to Taylor and got confirmation that this guitar is an original Taylor 555 12-string from 1997. The letter will be enclosed with the guitar.
The original Taylor case comes with the guitar.