Stauffer Style Romantic Guitar ~1840


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Rare antique guitar from ~1840 – built in the style of a Viennese Stauffer guitar.

This guitar is really a rarity. The smaller sound hole, which is placed a little further below on the body, as well as the overall construction of the guitar, allow it to be dated to the time of the early Romantic period.
After consultation with various experts, the year of manufacture of the guitar can be determined to approx. 1840.

As was often the case at that time, this guitar has no indication of a builder. It could have come from the area around Vienna, southern Germany or from the region around Markneukirchen. The construction is of very high quality and so are the materials used. This great instrument was obviously built for professional use at the time.

The guitar impresses with its simplicity. It has no elaborate ornamentation but is finely crafted with attention to detail.
The birdseye maple used for the back and sides is of the highest quality. In addition, the guitar has a very fine spruce top and beautifully designed and extremely high quality tuning machines.
The headstock is also striking, certainly inspired by Stauffer’s guitars, but made in its own and beautiful style.

The guitar has been very professionally restored to keep it in its original condition. It plays very well with a low action.

The guitar has a fine sound, sweet and with a lot of character and charisma. The guitar enchants with its lively and charming nature and one feels directly connected to it.
The matured wood and the fine construction produce wonderful timbres and a fascinating tone. Nevertheless, it also has the volume and power that one desires from such a guitar.

Scale length: 60.5 cm
Nut width: 4.5 cm


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