Stauffer inspired guitar Vienna ~1860


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Rare guitar from Vienna, built around 1860 after the death of Johann Georg Stauffer in the tradition of the master!

This guitar was built very expertly using very high quality materials.
One-piece rosewood back, height-adjustable neck according to Stauffer, high-quality Stauffer tuners, ebony fingerboard, rich and very noble ornaments – plus an impeccable and masterly workmanship … all this makes this guitar a very noble instrument.
In addition, the guitar also has a larger body than normal Romantic guitars. It is certainly a master made instrument that has been played in the concert hall by a professional musician.

The measurements in detail:

Scale length 610 mm
nut width 43 mm
Body length 450 mm
Width at the upper bout 255 mm
Width at the lower bout 320 mm
Width at the body waist 195 mm
Side depth upper bout 70 mm
Side depth lower bout 85 mm
Side depth at waist 80 mm

The rosewood used for the back and sides is the highest quality wood available at the time. The guitar also has a very fine spruce top and an ebony fingerboard.
The beautiful inlays and the headstock, which is inspired by Stauffer’s guitars, are striking.

The condition of the guitar is fantastic and it plays very easily with a straight neck and low action.

The guitar sounds noble and immediately impresses with a very complex tone. The basses are deep and the trebles are smooth, lively and colourful with great expressiveness.
As soon as you play the guitar, you have the impression of melting into the instrument, because the sound is very touching, this guitar awakens deep emotions and you can literally feel how the tones just jump out of the instrument.
Definitely a romantic guitar on a very high level with which you can authentically revive the music of that time.