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A rare opportunity, to get one of Santos Hernandez’ sought after guitars – they are doubtlessly the holy grail amoung the classical guitars!
Santos Hernandez is one of the elite makers of the historical pantheon – along with Torres and Hauser I in terms of collectibility and historical importance. Santos became a very established maker early in his career when he became known as the builder of the Manuel Ramirez guitar of 1912 that was owned and played by Andres Segovia. Many others have played his instruments, including Regino Sainz de la Maza (for whom the Concierto de Aranjuez was written), Eduardo Abreu, and the Romero family among others.
This particular guitar, built in 1935 is yet another charming example of Santos’ work, with beautiful materials and his usual, precise craftsmanship. It is said that he was a very inward, yet proud person and the sound of his typical guitars reflect this – this one in particular has a rich, deep and almost “pensive” quality of sound supported by a solid, almost self-assured fundamental at the center of every note. It also has a beautiful loose, old-world feel to it. Overall a very charming instrument that captures the essence of this great maker.
The scale length is 52 mm and the nut with 650 mm. It has a spruce top and cypress back and sides.
The guitar has been purchased from Zavaletas guitars for 18000 USD (original invoice comes with the guitar) many years ago. It has been restored by Roger Sperline and the guitar is stable and ready to play.
It was presented to Bernhard Kresse (the best restorer in Germany) and he said, it can be played as it is and if desired it can be further restored and make it look very nice too.
This descission is up to the new owner.

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