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Masterbuilt guitar by Rosario Porto from Catania (Italy) around 1890!
Rosario Porto was a guitar maker from the city of Catania in Italy, which was an important city for instrument making around the turn of the century.
He was one of the most respected instrument makers in the region and the founder of the company Porto, Rosario & Figli.
This guitar is particularly remarkable for its elaborate inlayworks. This type of decoration can be found mainly on instruments from this period around the turn of the century and in this southern Italian region.
The sound of this guitar is an impressive example from this time. It is very well suited to revive the music of this time and to move the player mentally into another world.
The condition is very good for the age of the guitar. Light restoration work was carried out, during which the guitar was left in its original condition.
The guitar has also been adjusted so that it can be played perfectly.

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