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The guitar is built and signed by the master Ricardo Sanchis Carpio. An absolute masterpiece from his best time!
The workshop Ricardo Sanchis has more than 100 years of history. The grandfather of Ricardo Sanchis Carpio (Ricardo Sanchis Nacher) founded it in 1915. He learned in Madrid from Domingo Esteso (now Conde Hermanos) and at the Ramirez shop.
Ricardo Sanchis Carpio learned from his grandfather and developed further, so that his guitars became world-famous.
1a is this instrument in many respects:
1a materials: Selected materials from the matured and valuable old stock of the workshop. This one has really the best of the best on it!.
1a craftmanship: This guitar is made by a master craftsman and you can see it. Everything is accurate to the last detail. Ricardo Sanchis Carpio is world famous for his way of guitar building.
1a sound: This guitar belongs to the first league! A beautiful, ripe and round sound. Strong basses with a room-filling sound and a warm vintage nuance!
Nevertheless, it also has this deep mystic sound, with the typical quick response. Here you get everything offered!
1a playability: It is light, because the wood has been perfectly dried over the years. It is also perfectly adjusted with a perfect action and medium tension strings.
The neck is straight and the frets are well preserved.
1a condition: The guitar is in good condition for its age – it has only some wear from playing and a small repair on the back!


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