Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 1983


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This guitar is not for the faint-hearted. First of all because it has this incredible loud and deep flamenco sound that let your heart beat goes higher. The notes seem just to jump out of this guitar … it responds so fast.
And secondly because it is a well used and played instrument, with repairs and everything that goes with it.
A players dream, a collectors nightmare.
So if you are a player please continue to read …
Ricardo Sanchis Carpio’s guitars are often praised and played in the flamenco world, in which these guitars can be seen on stages all over the world, with guitar performers such as Pedro Sierra, Tomatito, José Andres Cortés and many others.
Amazing woods can be found in this piece of work: Cedar, with excellent tonal quality for the top – very straight and even grain all along its surface.
The back and sides are made of Cypress, an aesthetically marvelous wood due to its tones and grain shapes, providing the guitar with great beauty and elegance.
Its sound is perfect, combining volume and quality brilliantly. The basses are powerful and deep, the trebles are very clear and brilliant, having a perfect balance between basses and trebles, and a very accentuated flamenco sound. The cedar gives this guitar some extra power and sweetnes at the same time. This guitar is also light like a feather.
The scale length is 665 mm and the nut width is 52 mm.
The tension of the strings on this flamenco guitar is medium, and the height of strings in saddle and fingerboard very balanced, achieving a high degree of comfort for both hands.
The guitar comes with a suitable case.