Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 1971-72 Flamenco

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Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 1971-72 flamenco guitar – these vintage flamenco guitars from Ricardo Sanchis Carpio really have a very special sound and a great character!

The Spanish guitar maker Ricardo Sanchis Carpio is the head luthier of the Hermanos Sanchis Lopez firm in Valencia that was founded by his grandfather, Ricardo Sanchis Nacher in 1915.
The founder having worked for guitar makers in Valencia for sometime, went to Madrid where he was befriended by Manuel Ramirez and Domingo Esteso. To perfect his craft, he remained in Madrid working for Domingo Esteso on Sundays for three years. As a result, the Sanchis family has had close relationships with Esteso, and with his heirs, the Hermanos Conde, ever since.

Ricardo Sanchis Carpio learned from his grandfather and continued to develop, so that his guitars finally became world famous.

Details about this guitar:

Back and sides: beautiful cypress
Top: cedar
Scale length: 664 mm
Nut width: 52 mm

The guitar plays like a dream, with a low action and a straight neck. It is in good condition without any cracks or repairs.

We were absolutely surprised about the very good sound quality this guitar has. Very lightly built, this guitar unfolds an enormous volume and a crisp flamenco sound. Deep basses, clear and balanced mids and bright trebles.
The mature vintage nuance completes the excellent sound and fascinates both the player and the listener.


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