Peter Harlan 8-string ~1950

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Peter Harlan 8-string master built guitar from around 1950 – a fine instrument with a unique sound!

Peter Harlan (1889-1966) was an important German musician and instrument maker. He learned to build guitars in Markneukirchen and founded his own workshop where he and his employees made mainly historical musical instruments. Harlan promoted home and youth music throughout Germany and was a true pioneer in instrument making. He leased Sternberg Castle after 1945 and conducted music education classes there and resumed instrument making there after World War 2.

This guitar is a wonderful instrument. It is finely built with a spruce top and maple back and sides. The scale length is 645 mm and the nut width is 70 mm.

It has a remarkably full tone. Impressive how loud this little guitar can be. The tone has a beautiful mellowness and presents the most beautiful timbres you can imagine. The combination of high quality maple and spruce on this guitar is pure magic. This is the perfect guitar for someone looking for a beautiful yet different sound.

This guitar is in very good condition for its age. It has marks from use but no cracks etc. The action is perfect.

It is a real pleasure to play this 70+ year old guitar, which was a real standout in its day. This beautiful instrument should continue to make music for centuries to come!