Paul Beuscher ~1840 romantic guitar

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Paul Beuscher romantic guitar from ~ 1840

Paul Beuscher was Luthier in Paris and built handmade guitars and violins.
In 1850 he founded an Instrument Shop in Paris, which still exists today.

This great guitar is very high quality built using the best materials.
Beautiful maple was used for the back and sides and a wonderful spruce for the top. In addition it has beautiful ornaments which are so typical for the Parisian style – the whole construction is noble.

The guitar sounds fantastic and can easily compete with the best instruments of the time. It has that magical sound that immediately takes you to another time and place.
A dream guitar that produces the most beautiful timbres. It also has the volume and power you would wish for a guitar like this.

The condition is very good for the age. Slight restorations have been made over the years. The guitar plays easily, with a straight neck and a pleasant low action.
The nut width is 45 mm and the scale length 635 mm.


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