National (Gibson) 1155 “Singing Cowboy” 1957

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National 1155 from 1957 – a Gibson made dreadnought guitar – Eddie Dean the “Singing Cowboy” played such a cool guitar!

What makes this guitar special? – It is 100% original an in wonderful condition for its age. Some of you may know that the bodies for these National 1155 models were actually made by Gibson and as you can see it looks very much like a J-50. There’s actually a Gibson factory order number on the neck block which dates to ’57.

Tonally, this National delivers everything one expects from a Gibson J-45/50, with traditional slope shoulder dreadnought power and kick. The guitar offers a focused, rich bass register with excellent string-to-string clarity and a powerful, punchy sound. The trebles sparkle and the guitar has a woody snap, simply a rich strummer and rewarding picker in every respect.
The guitar is a lightweight and has this nice bouncy reponse, with all vintage charm!

It is in a extremly good and original vintage condition and plays incredibly well.

It comes with a newer case.


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