This flamenco guitar was made by the legendary guitar maker Miguel Rodríguez in his workshop, located in 15 Alfaros Street (Córdoba) in 1956. His guitars are objects of desire for collectors and performers all around the world because of both its meticulous construction and the personality they have.
Miguel Rodriguez always dedicated himself intensively to building flamenco guitars and achieved fantastic results. Till today, there is almost no big-name guitarist who does not have a Rodriguez guitar in his collection.
This unique instrument has been made with top quality woods, the german spruce top has got a very marked, straight and even grain. The back and sides, made of cypress, are of the highest possible quality, both for its beauty and sound qualities.
The sound of this flamenco guitar shows unbeatable quality and personality. The basses are powerful, with extraordinary depth. The trebles are crystal clear and bright, with great scope and sustain, and showing a perfect balance between both of them. The “rasgueos” of this guitar are just unbeatable: crystal-clear, broken and bright, with that particular “dry” and “hollow” sound, typical in the best flamenco guitars, making its sound the quintessence of FLAMENCO.
It is perfectly adjusted (E6 2.9 mm and E1 2.6 mm – saddle still has space) and gives the player a high comfort for both hands. The nut width is 52 mm and the scale length 655 mm.
The condition of this flamenco guitar is not perfect as you can see it in the pictures. It has been used and played a lot. It also shows several cracks and repairs, which all have perfectly been made.
It comes with the original case.