Miguel Malo Martinez was born in 1943. He started an apprenticeship with Jose Ramirez in 1959 making classical and flamenco guitars (his instruments are stamped inside with “M.M.” or “#1 M”).

After working for Ramirez a long time, he established his own workshop in 1993 in Madrid.

This wonderful classical guitar is from 2005 – signed and stamped with M.M. (he kept this Ramirez tradition for his instruments).

It is a breathtaking instrument with a bold and clear sound. The sound is powerful and warm, yet very pure and differentiated, with great punch and immediate response. Malo’s guitars, and this instrument in particular, have something very musical about them that reveals itself in every note.
It has a fine cedar top and maple back and sides. The scale length is 662 mm and the nut width 52 mm.

The guitar is like new (almost unplayed) and comes with the original hardcase.

For such an instrument from Miguel Malo under the Ramirez label you would have to pay 6000 – 7000 €