Mateo Benedid 1836

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Born in Cadiz Mateo Benedid (1800-1878) was one of Josef Benedid Diaz (1760-1836) two sons, the other being Joaquin Benedid Diaz (1814-1854) who like their father were celebrated guitar makers.

In his guitar method, Fernando Sor notes that “The guitars which I have always given the preference are those of Alonzo of Madrid, Pages and Benediz of Cadiz, Joseph and Manuel Martinez of Malaga, or Rada, successor and scholar of the latter, and those of M. Lacote of Paris.”

This guitar is built as light as a feather and is perfectly worked out in every detail.
It is a great example of a high quality guitar – it is simply exquisite for its quality of sound. While every note is rich in overtones, it retains an almost unbelievable degree of separation and clarity between voices. Due to its ultra-lightweight build, the production of sound is immediate, with an ample amount of tonal modulation and dynamic range. This guitar also boasts enormous power, which will immediately put to rest any rumor that old guitars don’t have much sound! It has been restored – several cracks throughout the body have been expertly repaired

Truely an impressive masterpiece. It has a spruce top and rosewood back and sides. The scale length is 625 mm and the nut width 46 mm. The tuners are old but not original.

It was part of an important collection and has been completely restored to make it ready to play. The cracks have been repaired and in all this care has been taken to keep the sound and playability at the highest level.



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