Martin D-35 1972 “Sleepy LaBeef”


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This great Martin D-35 from 1972 has an interesting past. The previous owner was the famous US musician Sleepy LaBeef. He is considered a living legend in the rockability community and has owned this guitar for a long time and used it for his recordings of the album “Roots”.
The sound of this Martin Dreadnought is really great. It has the typical Martin sound of the 70’s – which is not in vain sought after by many musicians!
With this great vintage sound, today’s guitars really don’t come along!
The top made of Sitka spruce with its complex harmonics and the extra portion of clarity is made of especially beautiful material. The back and the sides are made of great rosewood, which not only looks optically unique but also makes this guitar an extraordinary masterpiece in sound.
I repeat, this D-35 sounds really very good. It is really mature and perfectly balanced, with present mids, crystal clear highs and booming basses (amazing what comes out of the body).
It has an eternally long sustain and the sound is crisp and room-filling.
The guitar is in a very good condition. There is nothing to criticize here except small traces of play and use. Absolutely amazing for a 46 year old guitar.
It has a tiny hairline crack between pickguard and bridge, which was judged to be unremarkable by my guitar maker.
The neck is straight as a die, the frets have been dressed and still have a lot of space for many years of intensive playing, the string position is super flat and the neck definitely doesn’t need a reset, because there is still enough space for the bridge inlay.
This Martin is not only a great instrument for players, it is also an absolute collector’s item – especially with this history.
I have observed the prices of Vintage Martin guitars in the last years. They have risen continuously!!
The guitar comes in the original case and with a CD from Sleepy LaBeef.