Martin 2-21 1889

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More than 130 years old is this Martin … its an amazing guitar with a sweet sound. This rare Martin 2-21 is from 1989.

You’ll really be surprised about the sound of this great guitar. This guitar is as light as a feather and responds to the lightest touch with surprising volume.
It sings and has a well balanced tone.

Hard to put it down. We have strung it with silk and steel string – the sound experience is pure magic!

It has a spruce top and rosewood back and sides. It is well adjusted and plays great all they way down the neck.

It’s condition is great to. Only a few small repairs we could find. All well done and the guitar is definitely ready for the next stage.
The bridge has been replaced – historically correct.

It plays nicely with a low action and you can enjoy its vipe and all vintage mojo you ever wanted.

It comes with a newer hard case.