Martin 000-28S 1960

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A real dream guitar is this beautiful Martin 000-28 from 1960 – very balanced and with a warm and clear vintage voice!

It is built in the style of the famous pre war Martin guitars with slope shoulder (this is what the “S” stands for) and 12-frets to the body.
Among the unmissable creations put out there by the venerable manufacturer from Nazareth, few guitars have been so adored and copied as the 000-28.

The 000 has become the standard alternative for guitarists who choose not to go with the Dreadnought. Its smaller size makes it a much more comfortable guitar for players who are not as big as a cowboy. Also texture of this guitar is less loaded in the bass notes for a more balanced sound. Since it was first created in 1933, it has constantly inspired other brands and established the yardstick for the all-purpose guitar, from Paul Simon’s fingerpicking to Eric Clapton’s blues.

This guitar has a beautiful rosewood back and sides and a fine spruce top. The nut width is 45 mm.

This guitar had a neck reset and plays extremly well all the way down the neck — it has many cracks, bu all have been repaired and this guitar is very stable.

This guitar really stands out as a very fine example of the timeless quality of instruments built by Martin. With a warm and clear voice, strong fundamental presence, amazingly even string balance and classic Martin focus, this early post-war 000-28 is a wonderful fingerstyle guitar, and a great choice for the recording studio.

It comes with the original case.