Martin 000-18 1946

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Here we have a rare bird indeed. A late 40’s Martin 000-18.

In this time short after the war Martin created wonderful guitars – that are highly sought after today. It was an era where the guitars were built with no commercial consideration whatsoever … they were thin and used the finest first growth tonewoods. Entirely hand built from every perspective. Beautiful mahogany rims and back and an Adirondack top – makes this guitar to a canon. The guitars of theses period are the finest of what Martin has produced in all of these years … and that says something with the quality that they have put out over the last 100+ years.

This Martin 000-18 1946 is an old work horse. It has many cracks which have been repaired over all these years and is full of those scars from intense play and use. The finish has been lightly oversprayed, the neck reset and the bridge sanded a bit.

Most importantly, it’s one of the most articulate, mature mahogany guitars that We’ve owned – just amazing. Rich and deep … one would think it was rosewood. The whole construction and the matured woods create this most haunting voice that can’t be described with any degree of accuracy.

It plays fantastically wit a low action, a straight neck and nice frets.

This is one of those: to play it is to want to own it !! guitars.