Martin 00-18 1952 Vintage


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We offer a beautiful Martin 00 – 18 from 1952.
The top made of Adirondack spruce with its complex harmonics, the extra portion of clarity and an incredible punsh was only used on the very old guitars. The back and sides are made of high-quality mahogany.
This 00 – 18 sounds really good. It is really mature and perfectly balanced, with present mids, crystal clear highs and booming basses (amazing what comes out of this small body).
The small 00 – body gives the sound an additional warm, round nuance and a great projection.
The guitar is in excellent condition for its age. No cracks, fractures or anything else. About 30 years ago the guitar was refinished.
The guitar is really in a grandiose vintage state from the aspect of playability, too. The neck is straight, the frets are in good shape and the action is super low. Also the bridge inlay still has room – no Neckreset is to be feared.