Martin 00-17 1956


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What a great guitar … an original Martin 00-17 from 1956. Completely made of beautiful mahogany.

These kind of vintage Martin guitars are popular among steel string guitars. At that time Martin guitars were still built in limited numbers. Selected high-quality materials were used for each instrument.

This guitar sounds so wonderfully bluesy and would be a wonderful instrument for a jazz/blues guitarist. The sound is very sweet and warm, with the shine of a Parlor guitar without losing the warmth. Very direct response, focused projection, but without being overly trebly.

Furthermore, it has a nice vintage character to the sound, this is enhanced by the fact that the guitar has a nice matte finish which gives the sound incredibly good unfolding potential. Martin has tried this on mahogany guitars in the past and has set a new trend.

The condition of this guitar is really good … a Martin authorised luthier has closely examined this guitar and carried out the following repairs:

– Cracks in the back glued & reinforced

– General set up and adjustment for .012-.053 phosphor bronze strings. Including cleaning frets, cleaning and oiling fingerboard, adjusting action at nut, new strings.

– Complete structural inspection – the guitar is in good and solid condition, including the original tuners.

The guitar has a small patch on the lower bout from a previously installed pickup system that has been removed.

A neck reset has been done and the action is perfect. The neck is straight and the frets are in good condition.

It comes with a newer hardshell case!