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Here we offer an original Martin 0 – 21 from 1920. A great instrument and a rare piece of the coveted “Pre War” instruments from Martin.
In 1920 for example Martin produced only 2051 instruments and 92 0-21 models.
The Martin “Pre War” guitars, are very popular among collectors. With these guitars best materials, a sound-optimized construction and careful manual work came together and form so unique dream instruments.
The top made of German spruce with its complex harmonics and the extra portion of clarity was only used for a limited number of instruments and only for these old instruments. The back and sides are made of high Brazilian Rosewood. This wood is of course one of the best tone woods you can get for guitars.
Due to its age it is exempt from Cites regulations.
This 0 – 21 really sounds very, very, very good. It is really perfectly balanced, with present mids, crystal clear highs and booming basses (amazing what comes out of this small body).
The small 0 – body gives the sound additionally a round nuance and a great projection – really a unique sound experience when you play this guitar or perceive it as a listener.
The guitar is in a good and mostly original original vintage condition. The frensh polish has been refreshed and the neck been reset. One brace has been professionally replaced. The bridge is a reproduction very close to the original. Some op cracks have been very professionally repaired. The back and sides and the neck are very clean.
All in all, it is of course a dream. It will absolutely delight both the player and the collector. It is also a solid investment, because such instruments are very sought after and have a great potential to grow in value.