Martin 0-21 ~1870


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We offer here a true rarity. A Martin who is incredible ~ 140 years old!!!!!!
For the top of this guitar we used a nice piece of spruce with very straight grain. The back and the sides are made of high-quality and very beautiful Brazilian Rosewood.
This 0 – 21 sounds really great. An incomparable sound, which one looks for in vain with today’s guitars. For all who are looking for a special sound experience, this is the right choice.
As everyone can imagine, the 140 years of natural aging of a guitar are noticeable. This small guitar has an impressive lovely sound, which is at the same time powerful and warm. Hard to describe – it’s not everyday for us to hold such a really antique Martin guitar in our hands.
The guitar is in good condition for its old age. It has certainly experienced many stories, but has survived the whole years surprisingly well. All I could discover were some very old and well repaired cracks.
Obviously a Neckreset was made once – the action is very good.
Inside there are some stamps that guarantee the authenticity of the instrument. The guitar is a 0-21 (Parlour) version. The exact dimensions are:
nut width 47 mm, scale 630 mm, body width lower bout 325 mm, body width upper bout 240 mm, body length 475 mm and side depth 95 (upper bout) to 105 mm (lower bout).
At the moment the guitar is strung with the usual gut strings, but of course it can also be strung with steel strings (light tension) – but I wouldn’t recommend too strong strings (12’er and stronger).
The guitar is really in a grandiose vintage condition from the aspect of playability. The neck is straight, the frets are in good shape and the action is super low – no Neckreset is to be feared.