Martin 0-17 1947

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Here we have an early post-war Martin 0-17 that plays perfectly and sounds tremendously good.

C. F. Martin 0-17 Model Flat Top Acoustic Guitar (1947), made in Nazareth (Pennsylvania) natural lacquer finish, mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

This is a superb playing and sounding early post-war Martin 0-17 with a very powerful tone for a small body all-mahogany guitar.
This 0-17 was built in1946, by which time the 14-fret version of the model had already proved a very popular design.

While the 0-17 is plain in appearance and stood near the bottom of the Martin guitar line, it is still built of very high-grade materials to the highest standards.
Then as now 0-17 is a fully professional-quality instrument, extremely responsive with a rich, singing tone.

This guitar shows some wear and a few repairs. It has received a neck reset and plays nicely all the way down the neck.

This guitar plays flawlessly, with a stellar sound. We love these small-body mahogany Martins.


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