Markus Dietrich Voboam baroque guitar 1676

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Beautiful handmade instrument from the workshop of Frank-Peter Dietrich – replica of a historical Voboam guitar from 1676

Since the beginning of the 19th century the family business Dietrich Instrumentenbau exists. Since 1904 the guitar and lute making has been cultivated, represented by the master builder Frank-Peter Dietrich and son Markus Dietrich in the 4th generation.
Markus Dietrich has specialized in the reproducttion of historical instruments and certainly belongs to the best builders worldwide.

The references of renowned soloists, such as Prof. Marga Wilden-Hüsgen, Marlo Strauß, Prof. Juan Carlos Munoz, Marie Fe Pavon, Prof. Manuel Munoz, Prof. Caterina Lichtenberg, Anna Torge, Silke Lisko, Rupert Gehrmann, Manuela Frescura, Jakob Lindberg, Prof. Alexander Frauchi, Prof. Monika Rost, Prof. Christiane Spannhof, Prof. József Eötvös, Prof. Jorge Oraison, Gertrud Weyhofen, Michael Tröster, Hans-Werner Apel, The Baltimore Consort (USA), Consort Micrologus (Italy) and others, several CD recordings by renowned artists, as well as the gold medal at the Leipzig Fair in 1986 and the Bavarian State Prize in 1991 are proof of the high quality of the Dietrich instruments.

It has a breathtaking tone – transparent and light. Very clear and absolutely charming. The guitar also has a good sustain and impresses with fine and sweet tones.
It is an absolute pleasure to play this fine guitar and to let it take you away to far away places and past times.

It has a 67 cm scale and 52 mm nut with. It has a spruce top and ebony sides. The back is made of yew. The instrument has 6-course and all kind of beautiful inlay works including this stunning parchment rose in the soundhole.

It is in very good condition, comes with the original case and the certificate.