Marcelo García Morillo + Horacio Dolcini “Vihuela”


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A very nice replica of a vihuela from the instrument makers Marcelo García Morillo and Horacio Dolcini.

Marcelo García Morillo and Horacio Dolcini have specialised in the reproduction of historical instruments.
Due to the increased interest in medieval music and the general fascination to authentically revive historical epochs, the workshop of the two craftsmen constantly received new orders.
In the course of time they gained a name which is connected with exotic and historical instruments. They are a good and high quality address for such instruments.

This beautiful vihuela is from 2010 and has a spruce top and maple sides. The back is constructed alternately of maple and walnut strips.
The scale length of this small instrument is 54.7 cm and the nut width is 3.9 cm.

It has an impressive sound that immediately takes you back to old times. It is amazing how loud this small instrument can get and how sweet the sound is in the different registers.
An amazing highlight for lovers of historical music.

Including original case.