Marcelo Barbero 1941


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A masterpiece of a guitar made by the famous Marcelo Barbero in 1941 – a truly rare piece of guitar history!

Marcelo Barbero (1904-1956) started as a sweep-up boy in the Madrid workshop of José Ramirez I and was trained in the workshop of José Ramirez II after the death of José I in 1923. Barbero was most influenced by Santos Hernández, and in fact Barbero is considered a direct heir to Santos, from whom he completed many guitars after the great master’s death, in 1943. Barbero is now considered one of the most important guitar makers of the 20th century. His guitars are highly regarded and extremely rare.

This is a Marcelo Barbero guitar from 1941, it has a spruce top. The back and sides are made of the finest rosewood. The scale length is 657 mm and the nut width is 52 mm.

The guitar is in a very good restored condition. The neck is straight and the action is low – the guitar plays like ‘butter’. When you hold the guitar for the first time and notice the impressively light weight, it is a great experience. When you first strum it, you immediately feel, hear and understand that a great luthier has put all his skills into the construction of this guitar.

This guitar has the soul, the dynamics and the personality that you can only find in the very great vintage guitars. This wonderful and probably unique guitar would be a great addition to any player and/or collector.

It also comes with the original case.


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