Manuel Reyes 1997 Estudio

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A nice guitar from the shop of Manuel Reyes – a fine instrument with a great sound!

Manuel Reyes is regarded as one of the best guitar makers ever and his guitars have been (and are) praised and used by some of the best guitarists in the world

This is a guitar from Manuel Reyes’ shop and represents one of those “Estudio guitars” – made according to the construction plans of Reyes by some other makers.

The top is made of spruce, the back and sides are of cherry wood. It has a 650 mm scale and 52 mm nut width.

The sound of this Manuel Reyes is really nice. The basses are deep and strumming, and the trebles, bright and crystal clear. It has a nice sustained sound and a good balance between basses and trebles. A very nice timbre that sublimely combines power and volume with quality and perfect pitch.

This guitar is perfectly adjuasted with a streight neck and a low action. It plays with great ease.

The condition of this guitar is very good, with just some light wear from play and use.

It comes with a guitar bag.