Manuel Reyes 1983


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Rare opportunity, a Manuel Reyes flamenco guitar built by the great master in 1983. It has that deep and powerful sound Reyes is known for!

Manuel Reyes (1934-2014) is doubtlessly the most famous flamenco guitar maker in Spain at the time of his death. Manuel’s stature was such that Luis F. Leal Pinar devoted an entire chapter in “Guitarreros de Andalucia” (2004) to him.
Manuel made only about 20 guitars a year. His flamenco guitars were in such demand, and his waiting list was so long, that he stopped taking new orders more than 20 years ago.
Since his death, the demand for his guitar has only increased. It is a rare opportunity to get one of his guitars.

This Manuel Reyes has intriguing power with a textured, rich timbre and impressive sustain. The direct response and comfortable playability are also highly appreciated qualities of this fine guitar. A rich flamenco tone, with simply exceptional sparkling, lively trebles and crisp, powerful basses.
Finally, the wide range of tonal colors makes this Reyes guitar an excellent and inspiring instrument that leaves nothing to be desired.

This guitar is perfectly adjusted, with a low action and a straight neck.
The nut width is 53 mm and the scale length is 657 mm. The top is of fine alpine spruce and the back and sides are of high quality rosewood. It has a frensh polish finish.

The condition of the guitar is very good according to its age. It is a one owner instrument ordered directly from Reyes at the time. It has the typical traces of a much played guitar with some nicks and scratches.
The condition of the guitar is completely original and it has no cracks, breaks or repairs.
The playability is excellent with a straight neck, low action and well preserved frets.

The guitar comes with a hard case.


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