Manuel Ramirez 1911

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The Manuel Ramirez Shop is undoubtedly the most important workshop of the early 20th century. Manuel Ramirez (1864-1916) was committed to continue and further develop the guitar construction of Torres with his entire shop. In his shop worked the best luthiers of the time. Including none other than Santos Hernandez, Domingo Esteso, Modesto Borreguero, Pascual Viudes and Enrique Garcia. This particular guitar is a perfect example of guitar construction in style and tone and wonderfully represents this great era of guitar making.
This instrument was built in 1911, around the same time as Segovia’s famous and iconic 1912 Manuel Ramirez (now housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, along with Segovia’s 1937 Hauser I) and seems to be very similar in dimensions and proportions to Segovia’s guitar. The scale length is 653 mm and the nut width 51 mm. It has a large body that gives the sound a lot of volume.
The guitar is wonderfully preserved for its age. All components are in my opinion original. Some cracks were repaired very professionally. The neck is straight and the action is flat (2.8 mm E6 and 2.5 mm E1). The guitar is well adjusted and plays perfectly.
It has a deep bass, sparkling highs and is rich in timbres. The guitar is a lightweight, which contributes to wonderful vibrations and thus produces an incredible volume of sound. For over 100 years, this wonderful instrument has been played and the sound has as expected a wonderful woody vintage nuance.
It also comes in the original guitar case.