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Description Ordonez – a very nice and handmade flamenco guitar – rare and sought after!

Manuel Ordonez is considered one of the best restorers in the world. During his long career, he has carried many hundreds restorations on instruments of great historical value. His extensive knowledge of instrument restoration eventually led him to build guitars himself. His guitars are hand-built with attention to detail. The production is therefore strictly limited and there are only a few of his guitars.

There is a large circle of fans and professionals who appreciate the work of Manuel Ordonez very much and therefore this offer is certainly a great speciality and an exceptional opportunity.
Vicente Amigo for example plays a guitar of Manuel Ordonez and all his other guitars are regularly maintained by Ordonez.

This outstanding guitar from 2019 is built with fine spruce for the top and with high quality cypress wood for the back and sides. The scale length is 660 mm and the nut width 52 mm.

The tone is fat and balanced with a lot of punch, volume and flamenco edge. The strong, voice-like trebles are balanced by it’s big low-end that is full but not boomy. As sweet as the tone is, it still has the aggressive response when pushed in the right direction – rasguedos in particular are quite explosive and powerful.
In other words – a very powerful and lively Andalusian flamenco guitar by every measure.

Playability is a breeze – it has an easy and sleek neck with low flamenco action and just the right amount of “sizzle” which adds to the authentic southern Spanish flamenco sound.
This is a top concert instrument for any professional flamenco setting – whether on stage or in studio.

It is in a good and original condition. It comes with a light guitar case.


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