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This flamenco guitar was made by Manuel Fernandez Fernandez in 1982. He was one of the first guitar makers in the flamenco guitar school in Granada, and master of some of the current guitar makers in Granada, such as Jose Fernandez (his son), or Aaron Garcia, for example.
Difficult to find nowadays with such high degree of excellence, the woods employed for this gem are German spruce for the top, with straight and even grain, and cypress for back and sides.
Its extraordinary sound will delight everyone, with powerful and deep basses, crystal clear and especially sweet trebles, all of which makes quite a balanced set of features for this guitar with unique sound quality.
It has a scale lenngth of 653 mm an a nut width of 53 mm.
Its tension is middle-low, with very balanced height of strings in saddle and fingerboard. Therefore, it is a highly comfortable guitar for both hands, and really easy to play for the performer.
The condition is very good and the finish has been lightly refreshed. It has also some small repairs, which are perfectly done and hardly even visible.