Manuel de la Chica 1954


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Master guitar by Manuel de la Chica, known as one of the pillars of the Grenadian School of Guitarmaking and considered one of the best guitar builders in the world. His guitars have an excellent quality and present a very personal sound that makes them highly appreciated all over the world.
The selection of woods used for this instrument is: German alpine spruce of exceptional sound quality and with fine grain for the top and beautiful rosewood for the body (sides and back) with breathtaking characteristics.
Thanks to the perfect selection of woods used for this instrument, the sound is absolutely exceptional and offers exquisite depth and power on the bass strings, along with crystalline and clean trebles and a perfect balance and projection. This guitar also offers fabulous comfort for both hands of the guitarist, with a pleasantly low action.
The guitar is in good condition. It has several cracks, all of which have been completely repaired. Then the guitar was refinished.
It comes in a stable and matching hard case.