Manuel Contreras 1992 N. 3


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If you are looking for a Ramirez 1A kind of guitar, but with an easy playability, look no further. 

This is a beautiful concert guitar, made entirely by hand at the original Manuel Contreras workshop in 1992. This model is equal to the 1a models of this time. The fantastic woods on this model is most likely better than todays standards. 

“Luthier” on the label means that this guitar is of high quality and not to be confused with the “Guitarreria” or “Guitarra de Estudio” models. 

This guitar is in a used condition with marks of wear and play. The action is perfect  and the sound is truely Spanish and bold with great sustain and projection, as expected. 

The playability is easy thanks to the 52 mm nut, the 650 mm scale length and the great shape of the neck. Tuners are original and excellent Fustero. A true gem, for both players and collectors alike.