Manuel Bellido 1975

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Manuel Bellido 1975 – extraordinary flamenco guitar with a huge and bold vintage sound!

Bellido is one of Granada’s most famous guitar builders. At the beginning of the 60s he learned the art of guitar making with Antonio Marin and his brother Jose Lopez Bellido from Eduardo Ferrer. After his training, he quickly set up his own business and since then has been based in Granada with his workshop.
His guitars have seen the stages all over the world in the hands of great guitarists, both classical and flamenco.

The instrument was built from the finest woods. Back and sides of cypress and the top of alpine spruce. Bellido’s name guarantees the finest finish. The scale length is 665 mm and the nut width 52 mm.

The sound is powerful and it has such a great vintage touch to it. 
This is without doubt a fine concert level guitar with a very strong fundamental and very controlled overtones. It has a very natural, “woody” quality of sound, very stylish, refined and alluring. The rich, played-in quality of sound is something that can only be found in an instrument of this vintage. In the hands, it feels very expressive and responsive to the most subtle of changes in the players touch. The sound is absolutely magical from the bottom-end to the highest registers.

It is in good condition, but has some amount of wear from play and use. The guitar comes with the original case.



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