Luigi Legnani Stauffer inspired ~1890


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Johann Georg Stauffer Legnani ~1890 – a very beautiful guitar inspired by the famous master guitars of Stauffer!

This beautiful guitar was made in Germany (Probably Markneukirchen) around 1890. It is a beautiful instrument and it is built in the style of an instrument by Stauffer (Legnani Model) from 1819.
This beautiful guitar was built with nice maple for back and sides and a fine spruce top. 
The scale length is 620 mm and the nut width is 45 mm.

The guitar plays easily with a low action and a straight and comfortable neck.

This beautiful guitar has an amazingly beautiful sound and a rousing, warm, soft articulation. The tones are lively and deeply expressive. The projection is amazing and the volume considerable despite the relatively small body.
A wonderful guitar with which you immediately feel an inner connection and take it to your heart.