Lorenzo Alvarez 1978


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Lorenzo Alvarez 1978 – impressive classical guitar in the style of Santos Hernandez and Marcello Barbero

This guitar is very special as it is exactly in the same building style of Arcangel Fernandez’ guitars (Lorenzo and his brother Juan had a close relationship to Arcangel Fernandez) we had in our shop. They sound almost exactly the same.
Further it is very similar to Eric Claptons famous Alvarez guitar.

Lorenzo Alvarez is a guitar maker of the very highest level. He started building guitars in the 1940s together with his older brother Juan.
Later, the Alvarez brothers became friends with Marcelo Barbero (1904-1956), one of the great guitar makers of the last century. He became their mentor, providing them with advice and support, from which they benefited enormously. Together with Marcelo Barbero, they also had the opportunity to look into the world of the guitars of the great Santos Hernandez, because Marcelo Barbero worked for Santos Hernandez’s widow for some time after his death.

Lorenzo Alvarez founded his own workshop where he worked until shortly before his death and also trained other luthiers.
Many professional guitarists played and still play guitars by Alvarez. His guitars follow the tradition of Santos Hernandez and Marcelo Barbero.
Eric Clapton played a Alvarez guitar and recorded “Tears in Heaven” with it. He also played his Alvarez guitar at his famous MTV unplugged concert in 1992. This guitar was auctioned in 2004 for $253900.

This beautiful guitar was built by Lorenzo Alvarez in 1978. It has a spruce top and rosewood back and sides. The scale length is 660 mm and the nut width is 52 mm.

The sound of this instrument is captivating with its warm and characterful tone – the trebles sound clear and brilliant. The basses are powerful and sound dark and warm.
The guitar unfolds an enormous volume and inspires with an incredible lightness.
It has a high collector’s value and is wonderfully suitable for performances or recordings. It belongs to the top class of instruments we have seen.

The condition of the guitar is good. One repair on the side has been done perfectly.

It comes with a hard case.


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