Kalamazoo KTG-11 1936

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Super rare Kalamazoo KGT-11 tenor guitar from 1936 – Gibson made!

Before Gibson bought Epiphone, it had Kalamazoo. Named after Gibson’s home town in Michigan, Kalamazoo was the brainchild of Gibson president Guy Hart, who needed something to keep Gibson in the musical instrument business through the Great Depression.

This Kalamazoo brand of musical instruments was marketed as “The World’s Greatest Value,” with the quality of Gibson’s manufacturing at Great Depression era prices. Most of the Kalamazoo instruments were less than half the price of their Gibson cousins.

This Kalamazoo KTG-11 Tenor 4 String Guitar is a vintage used item in good condition.
There are dings, marks, scratches and old repairs, but for us it looks quite good for being that old.
A pickguard has been added, tuners replaced an installed pickup removed … but now it is in a good and playable condition with a straight neck (neck reset + refret) and a low action.