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Juan Alvarez (Viuda de Santos Hernandez) restored by Miguel Malo – big names are involved when we talk about this guitar, but above all it is a very good sounding flamenco guitar from Madrid.

Juan Alvarez, Santos Hernandez, Marcelo Barbero, Arcangel Fernandez … what is the connection of all these names?

After the death of Santos Hernandez, it was first Marcelo Barbero who finished Santos Hernandez guitars and then later also built guitars under the label Viuda de Santos Hernandez.
Marcelo Barbero had several pupils and one of his first pupils was Juan Alvarez … later Arcangel Fernandez …

Various guitar builders have subsequently produced guitars under the label “Viuda de Santos Hernandez” and it is sometimes not easy to say who the builder is.

This guitar is almost certainly a Juan Alvarez guitar. It has several stamps inside and some notes in pencil.
The guitar has a cedar top and cypress back and sides. The scale length is 655 mm and the nut width is 52 mm.
The guitar plays very nicely and has a straight neck with a low action.
Miguel Malo has refreshed the shellac all around and has set the guitar up perfectly.

A cedar/cypress combination is something special – this guitar has a magical sound!
First of all, it is a powerful guitar with robust and penetrating trebles and fat, powerful basses.
The cedar gives the sound a warm touch. The cypress and the wonderful construction give the guitar a great dynamic and a fast response.

The guitar comes in a matching lightweight case.