José Yacopi ~1975

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José Yacopi ~1975 a very special concert guitar – unique bracing system and amazing sound!

José Yacopi (28 December 1916, in Victoria, Spain – 11 August 2006, in San Fernando, Argentina) was a Spanish guitar maker.

Yacopi learned the art of guitar making from his father, Gamaliel Jacopi. In 1944, at the age of 27, he won first place at the Concurso Provincial de Artesanía (“Provincial Crafts Competition”) in Barcelona and then also at the Concurso Nacional de Oficios Artesanos (“Official National Crafts Competition”) in Madrid. Further prizes followed in London and Argentina, and Yacobi is known for his innovative approaches to optimising the sound characteristics of his guitars.

In 1947, Yacopi and his father developed an ingenious internal bracing system (inverted fan system – see picture) to reinforce the guitar top, which was later patented. This gives his guitars distinctive and special sound characteristics. In 1949 Jose Yacopi and his wife Pilar Perez-Menchaca moved to General Villegas, then in 1951 to San Fernando, Argentina, where Yacopi stayed for the rest of his life. Although he built a variety of stringed instruments, he specialised in Spanish guitars in the style of the Barcelona guitar makers, with his own innovative approaches.

Among the renowned guitarists who played Yocopi’s guitars are María Luisa Anido, Julian Bream, Eric Clapton, Irma Costanzo, Eduardo Falú, Edmundo Rivero and Narciso Yepes.

This is a very nice example of a guitar by José Yacobi. It was built around 1975. It is a typical Yacobi style guitar, with elements of classical Barcelona guitar making mixed with the typical Yacobi features.
For example, this guitar has the typical ornamentation of a Simplicio guitar and looks very much like one.
Inside, however, it has the typical and unique Yacobi bracing with the inverted fan (see picture) and the fine construction of the master.
The guitar has a nut width of 52 mm and a 650 mm scale. The top is made of finest spruce, back and sides of selected mahogany.

The condition of the guitar is very good with no repairs or alterations (the tuners are newer ones from Schaller). 

This inspiring instrument has a spontaneous and surprising sound character. The Mahogany back and sides gives a truly different sound experience with a very dynamic and creamy sound. At the same time, this instrument exudes an incredible charm that is often only found in older, mature instruments and is therefore particularly captivating.
It is an instrument of great lyricism, and its perfect playability allows the guitarist to give free rein to his inspiration. The timbre is round and warm with amazing sustain and perfect balance.

This great instrument is an excellent witness to the times and is a very nice instrument in the style of the great Barcelona guitars.