Jose Serratosa ~1890


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José Serratosa classical guitar from around 1890 – perfect example of a historical Spanish guitar!

José Serratosa was born in Tarrasa in the province of Cataluña in 1855. As a youth he apprenticed as a carpenter, but being temperamentally studious, he was drawn to the challenges of making flamenco and classical guitars. He moved to Barcelona and opened a workshop where he continued working for the next forty years.
He was famous for his inventions and his guitars have been played by many musicians of the time.

This guitar is a masterpiece that was built by himself in finest handcraft. It can be dated to the time around 1890.
It has a fine spruce top and rosewood back and sides. The scale length is 640 mm and the nut witdth 50 mm.

The quality of sound produced from this nice guitar has a great richness and harmonious quality. Upon listening to this guitar one marvels at how beautiful the actual sound itself is and of how the notes blend together and yet maintain their clarity and separation. The sensation of playing the guitar is as it vibrates against the players body in a very deep way.
It has an incredibly powerful sound and sounds very much like what we know from Torres.

The guitar is in a lightly restored and well playable condition!