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Stunning guitar by Jose Salinas  – big, raspy and warm sound!

José Salinas is a gifted flamenco singer who has been performing on stage with “El Amir” for many years. José grew up in Almería, where his father was a well-known cabinet maker. His life was shaped by his father’s craft from an early age. He spent countless afternoons at his father’s side learning how to work with wood. At the age of 16, he then apprenticed as a cabinetmaker alongside his father.
His passion for the craft and wood combined with his work as a professional flamenco singer sparked his interest in flamenco guitars and guitar making.

He then decided to learn the art of guitar making to combine his two great passions: Wood and Flamenco. He drew inspiration from renowned guitar makers such as Andrés Marvi, Arcadio Marín, Javier Castaño and Alfredo Mate, among others.

This guitar has a very nice cedar top and cypress back and sides of the highest quality. The scale length is 650 mm and the nut width 52 mm.

This cedar blanca has a fast response and a big, woody, traditional flamenco sound. More precisely, the tone is clear and focused with a slightly dark texture. It plays great – the lightweight construction give it a very explosive attack, it has a big, raspy sound.

It is in a very good condition and comes with the original case.


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