José Ruiz Pedregosa


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José Ruiz Pedregosa is the only disciple of the Spanish luthier Jerónimo Peña Fernández. He builds handmade classical and flamenco guitars which are works of art.
His workshop has become a meeting place for many guitar lovers and flamenco players: El Cabrero, El Tomate, Vicente Amigo, El Curri, Jose Luis Postigo, Manolo Siveria, and Juan Núñez.
Because he is a guitar maker who works alone using traditional methods, Jose’s production is very limited and nowadays he has a long waiting list.

This guitar is the top model built by the great luthier José Ruiz Pedregosa. This guitar is simply magnificent and a work of art. It is a special model, which is very rare, with carved headstock, carved bridge and a beautiful inlay on the back of the guitar neck. The amount of work involved is huge and only a master could do it. The woods of this guitar are of extreme quality. It features a cedar top and old rosewood back and sides. The scale length is 660 mm and the nut width 52 mm.

The sound of this guitar is powerful, thick and dark – as elegant and majestic as its appearance. It impresses with a huge volume and a very distinctive tone.

The condition is excellent and original with only very slight signs of use. It plays easily with a low action.

It comes with the original case.


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