Jose Rodriguez 2011


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Amazing flamenco guitar from the famous luthier Jose Rodriguez from Cordoba – outstanding instrument with a crisp and punchy sound!

Jose Rodriguez was born in Andújar in 1958. He started building guitars at an early age and learned a lot from the great masters Miguel Rodríguez and Manuel Reyes before opening his own workshop in 1972.
His guitars are works of art, completely handmade. Many famous guitarists play his guitars … Pepe de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Paco Serrano and many more.

This amazing guitar is built in the style of the famous Miguel Rodriguez flamenco guitars. Jose Rodriguez had a close relation with Miguel Rodriguez and was greatly influenced by his guitars.

This guitar is simply great and a work of art. It has a nice spruce top and back and sides of matured cypress. The scale length is 655 mm and the nut width 52 mm.

The sound of this great guitar is woody and explosiv everything you’d expect from a high end traditional flamenco from Andalusia. The guitar has huge volume, easy playability and excellent craftsmanship. Overall a fantastic and iconic instrument in every way.

The condition is good and the guitar is in original condition with the usual signs of use. It plays easily with a low action.

It comes with the original case.


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