José Ramirez R2


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Jose Ramirez III spent his life innovating and developing the guitar as a concert instrument. He joined the family workshop at the age of 18 and quickly began experimenting with new techniques and ideas. He was the first builder to use red cedar for the top, which provides a deep, rich tone favored by many classical guitar players. He also developed a urea based varnish which was not only beautiful, but sounded better as well.
This handmade Spanish guitar features a Canadian red cedar top on a rosewood back and sides. The neck is made of Spanish cedar with an ebony fingerboard. Scale length is 650 mm and the Nut width is a comfortable 52 mm wide.
These guitars, designed by Jose Ramirez III, are of high quality at an affordable price.
It is a guitar, which is perfect for the serious player looking for outstanding sound. Notes are warm and immediate with a smooth, pleasant tone.
This guitar is in a very good, almost like new, condition. It is totally original and comes with the original case.