Jose Ramirez I 1912


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A Jose Ramirez I from 1912 – this fine guitar represents an impressive piece of guitar history. It is a classical guitar with Torres bracing, big body and 650 mm scale length.

A beautiful guitar from the workshop of Jose Ramirez I. It was built at a time when Jose Ramirez I had already been working as an independent guitar maker for 30 years (his workshop was founded in 1882).
Jose Ramirez I was the outstanding guitar maker at that time and is considered the forefather of guitar building in Madrid. It was indeed the case that the guitarists of that time were looking for solutions to the poor sound of the guitars built at that time. They turned to Jose Ramirez, who then created the so-called tablao guitar. The inner structure of this guitar was completely in line with the style and pattern of Torres guitars.

The scale of the guitar is 650 mm and the nut width 52 mm. The neck is straight and the action comfortably low. The guitar plays effortlessly.

The sound is absolutely astounding. We compared it in the same room with some more modern Spanish guitars. We were so much surprise when it was first played, it was every bit the equal in volume and projection as any of these modern ones and far more interesting to listen to in terms of colour and nuance.
The guitar has a great richness and harmonious quality. The notes blend together beautifully and yet maintain their clarity and separation. The sensation of playing the guitar is as it vibrates against the players body in a very deep way.
It has an incredibly powerful sound and sounds very much like what we know from Torres.

The guitar is in restored condition. Domenico Pizzonia, our restorer, has done an excellent shop in bringing this old beauty back to life. Everything is stable and the guitar is ready for the next stage.

It comes in a solid guitar case.