This exceptional guitar was made in 1907, at Jose Ramirez I´s world famous shop in the Concepción Jerónima 2. He was the most remarkable guitar maker of that time. Every famous guitarist would turn him and let him make their personal guitar back then.
It was the world leading shop at the time.
High quality woods are found in this guitar. German spruce for the top with a fine, linear and straight grain all along its surface, as well as truly exceptional cypress wood.
The sound of this guitar is sweet and warm, with truly beautiful harmonics. A lyrical deep timbre, capable of taking one back to the Spain of that time. It has an inimitable vintage sound that you only get when a high quality guitar naturally matures. The sound is very charming and seductive. The basses are deep and penetrating. The guitar is feather-light and you can feel the vibration of every individual notes very clearly.
The tension is medium-low, and the height of strings in the saddle and fingerboard is very balanced, with extremely reduced weight, all of which provides the guitarist with a high degree of comfort.
The condition of this guitar is really good, especially bearing in mind the fact that it is more than 100 years old. It has some superficial cracks, all properly repaired and stable.
It comes with a suitable hard case.