Jose Ramirez Flamenco 1972

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José Ramirez flamenco guitar from 1972 – the crème de la crème from Ramirez’ golden era!

There is not much to say about the name Ramirez … this family of luthiers has formed the history of guitar making like no one else.
For more than 100 years they have been producing world-class guitars.
This guitar comes from the so-called golden age of Ramirez. In the 60’s, when Jose Ramirez III revolutionized the body shape and inner construction of the guitar, these wonderful instruments were built.

It has the great flamenco sound known from the old recordings of the great master Sabicas.
The guitar has a very voluminous sound and offers besides the loud tone an enormous warmth. The basses are absolutely fantastic and come with a pleasant humming. The trebles are clear and distinguished. The guitar unfolds the most beautiful timbres in every single tone and inspires in all areas.

It plays very easy, with a low action, a straight neck and a perfect setting.
The top is made of cedar and back and sides of cypress. The scale length is 655 mm and the nut width 54 mm.

If the guitar could speak, it would certainly be able to tell about the many evenings in the tablaos and on the stages of Spain. This guitar was definitely played a lot.
It is therefore in a rough condition with many traces of play and use.
It has quite some repairs too, which have been perfectly done.

It comes with a matching case.