Jose Ramirez 1a 8-string 1991


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An incredibly rare Jose Ramirez 1a 8-string 1991 classical guitar – this unique and beautiful instrument is a 1a mastergrade guitar with a beautiful sound.

This guitar was built in the famous Jose Ramirez III workshop, which for over half a century has produced instruments performed on by countless professionals from Sting to Segovia, Chet Atkins to Sabicas and Lee Ritenour to Christopher Parkening.

Popularized over the years by host of great players including Narciso Yepes, Vincenzo Macaluso, José Tomás and Goran Sollscher, the 10 and 8-stringed guitar has proven to be a versatile instrument. Particularly for performing repertoire that does not quite “fit” on the range of a normal six-string guitar.
Baroque lute music – most populary Bach and Weiss – requires most 6 string players to transpose bass notes up or down an octave in places that break the original musical flow intended by the composer. The 8-string guitar resolves many such inconveniences, and also makes it possible to perform arrangements of larger pieces originally written for the piano and orchestral settings.

The tone of this Jose Ramirez 8-string guitar has that essential warm, mysterious and moody quality that made Ramirez famous in the great recordings made by Segovia and Parkening from this time.

The condition is very good … only very light wear from play and use
The guitar is well adjusted and plays easily up and down the neck.

An excellent example of a fine Jose Ramirez 8-string guitar for either collector or concert player.

It comes with the original case.


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